Epilepsy and Seizure Monitors in Ireland There are estimated to be 37,000 people in Ireland with Epilepsy, and approximately 10,000 with uncontrolled epilepsy. Seizures – where a temporary malfunction of normal brain activity occurs - can be experienced by as many as 1 in 20 of the population during their lifetime.

For many people seizures are experienced for only a short period of time during their lives while others are able to control seizures through medication. People diagnosed with Epilepsy have a tendency to experience recurring seizures. In such cases monitoring those diagnosed with epilepsy and at risk of a seizure is something that is of high priority to both the individual and their families, particularly at night time.

Epilepsy monitors or seizure monitors have been available for some time now and offer a reliable solution to monitor those at risk of seizure.

We would always advise that professional help is sought when choosing an epilepsy / seizure monitor and our experienced team are available to talk to you on 1890 480 480 or you can email them at info@homecaretechnologies.ie . In the meantime the following is a summary of some of the key features that are supplied with the epilepsy monitors / seizure monitors here at HomeCare Technologies:

Epilepsy Seizure Monitors – main product features:

  • Bed sensor to detect convulsive seizure / abnormal movements
  • Bed sensor is placed under the mattress between the mattress and the bed frame
  • Built-in delay control to allow for normal bedtime movement
  • Microphone to detect aural sounds associated with a seizure [e.g. choking, grunting, screams]
  • Sensitivity adjustment to allow for patient weight, bed base and mattress type
  • Anti-tamper alarm
  • Seizure activity is alerted to a radio pager[s] for helper to intervene
  • Option to connect alarm to landline dialler to send alerts
  • Seizure monitors can be integrated with professional Nurse Call systems
Seizure monitors are able to quickly recognise seizure activity and raise an alarm.

These products are suitable for home use and there is also a range of professional care products able to monitor more than one patient and communicate with a central Nurse Call system or similar device.

If you are responsible for the care of somebody with Epilepsy or at risk of seizure, please call our advice line and talk with one of our HomeCare Technologies specialists who can advise you on choosing an epilepsy monitor or seizure monitor suitable for your individual circumstances or leave us your enquiry here.

Source: www.homecaretechnologies.ie/blog/33-epilepsy-and-seizure-monitors

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